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About the Solaris Group.

The Solaris Group is a specialized global wealth strategy and asset management firm for ultra high net-worth individuals, families and family offices, foundations and charitable programs, and institutions. We offer our services to individual and institutional clients around the world.

The firm has three related tenets:
Imbue the organization with a client-centric mission
Maintain independence and avoid conflicts of interest
Act in accord with the highest ethical standards

We place primary emphasis on our commitment to each client. Accordingly, we seek a limited number of meaningful relationships, each managed by one of our four founding partners. Partner involvement includes not only strategy development but also the implementation of wealth management and investment management assignments.

Our Mission: A Client-Centered Approach.

Our mission is to serve each client and advisor with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, objectivity, discretion and accountability. At Solaris, we place primary emphasis on our commitment to each client. Accordingly, we seek to have a limited number of meaningful relationships, each overseen by one of our senior partners.

What distinguishes Solaris from other advisory firms is our multi-functional approach and our unique sensitivity to our clients' particular circumstances.

We employ a rigorous and detailed process incorporating creativity and flexibility to achieve each client's goals, working closely with our clients to ensure our mutual understanding of needs, risk tolerance, restrictions and other parameters.

We work with clients to create objective standards to measure success. We provide reporting customized to each client's guidelines and specifications. We are very sensitive to our clients' privacy, strictly observing client confidentiality.

Meet the Partners.

The founding partners of the Solaris group average more than 25 years investment experience. We, along with our Solaris colleagues, are deeply committed to succeed on behalf of our clients. Indeed, we invest side-by-side with them. Independent owners, we report only to our clients.


As part of our goal to offer full-service investment solutions to our clients, The Solaris Group provides both broad wealth strategy for our clients' total portfolio, and also, where appropriate, a variety of investment management services through Solaris Asset Management. Solaris also provides clients with advice and referrals on programs related to their liquidity, restructuring, and fundraising activities.

In-house investment advisory services provided through Solaris Asset Management, an SEC-registered investment advisor.

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The Solaris Group LLC
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The Solaris Group LLC
Solaris Asset Management LLC
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