About the Artist: Creighton Michael


All works pictured here are by the artist Creighton Michael, whose works, while executed in a variety of media, express a powerful, singular vision. For more information, visit www.creightonmichael.com.

“His sculpture…is consummately realized. Mr. Michael has the knack for giving his materials—whether they be steel rods or pine branches—sculptural motivation. His wall pieces, in particular, are impressive. They tense, relax, reach, cluster and are not without a sense of humor."

The New York Observer

“His pieces have a holistic feel in their larger movements, but they draw your attention to the details: the delicate wood ribbing, light glowing through translucent paper, the complex transitions from convex to concave within apparently simple forms. Michael’s work presents moments of arrested perfection."
Art in America

"He frequently—and in the same work—dips into both painting and sculpture, exploring the pull between things changing and things staying the same…. the overriding impression is a solid vision that is realized through fluidity.”

The New York Times